Indoor & Outdoor Murals

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Murals are paintings or other pieces of artwork executed directly onto a wall or a substrate representative of a wall. We offer our clients custom murals that are typically ideal for large-scale designs and are meant to be viewed from a bit of a distance.

Add culture and style to any wall, indoor or outdoor, with a custom designed wall mural for your home, small business, corporate company, local non-profit, or governmental entity. Murals can be utilized in various locations such as offices, businesses, restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities, parking garages, grocery stores, bars, gyms, retail shops and more.

We’ve helped install hundreds of custom mural designs across the country.

Indoor and outdoor mural designs can help bring art to your local community, neighborhood and shared public spaces. Indoor and outdoor murals can be utilized for signage, out-of-home advertising campaigns, marketing events, influencer campaigns or brand partnership programs.Custom design murals can be created for aesthetic and interior decor purposes or they can be designed with a goal and call-to-action for viewers.

You can choose from a variety of colors, patterns, and designs to create a unique look for your space. Indoor and outdoor murals can include a variety of mediums with hand painted acrylics, spray paint, or oil bars. Styles include illustrative, graphic, digital, photorealism, hyperrealism, graffiti, street art, wild style, tags, bubble letters, typography, sign painting, figurative, cartoons, portraits, caricatures, abstract, 3D anamorphic, iconography and more.

If you’re interested in abstract art murals, prefer a more realistic style mural or are looking for digital murals, we can help curate plenty of artists that fit your goals and style by reaching out to us here­.

If you’re looking for a minimal mural, consider using a single-color scheme like a relaxing blue mural or monochromatic color scheme. If you’re looking for something interactive and engaging, consider creating a mural designed for social media sharing or selfies.

Every indoor and outdoor mural project begins by setting clear goals and an approved scope and budget.

The creative sketch process begins with a visual mood board followed by rounds of sketches and revisions to receive client approval before beginning installation.

Indoor and outdoor mural concepts can include anything you desire with cats and dogs, football, sports, jungles, flowers, mosaics, unicorns, nature, ocean, beach, mountain, forest, tropical, safari, space, rainbow, clouds, dinosaurs and buddha. You get it – the world’s your oyster. We can help create a design with butterflies, cherry blossoms, animals, trees, children, dragons, a garden, the sunset, horses, Christmas, the holidays, or whatever you dream up!

Depending upon budget, if you need to fill a larger space on a smaller budget we can consider incorporating negative space creatively into the design, utilizing color-blocking large areas or reducing square footage or level of detail.

Indoor and outdoor murals include additional services such as city mural permitting, certificate of insurance, complete protection of the space, lift and scaffolding rental, timeline and schedule, project management, install logistics, supplies required and install documentation with photography or videography.

We work with local artists and national artists remotely that travel across the country for mural installations. Indoor and outdoor murals can be installed in all major US cities including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Miami, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Milwaukee, Detroit, Phoenix, Charlotte, Denver, Washington D.C., Nashville, Boston, Baltimore, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Orlando, Salt Lake City and more.

Whether you want an indoor or outdoor mural, large or small mural, abstract or contemporary mural, contact us for a free estimate today.