Artist-led Corporate Workshops

An offsite activity your corporate company will actually enjoy

An artist-led corporate workshop is the perfect team-building activity for your business to create connection amongst colleagues through creativity and group engagement. What better way to do it than with the fast and fun medium of aerosol spray paint! In this workshop, our team will help your group create a custom mural reflective of your company’s values and mission in a desire to create authentic connection between colleagues.

This creative team-building workshop teaches you how to create a graffiti mural with spray paint.

With artistic guidance and a tutorial taught by a local artist, we help foster a creative space for small and large corporate teams. Come prepared to learn how to use spray paint as a medium. We give step-by-step instructions on the different nozzles and techniques utilized to create variation in line thickness and texture. We will teach you how to create cut-backs, tags, bubble letters, wildstyle graffiti, and overall strong composition and process for executing such a large piece of artwork. You can also add on features like how to create and use a custom DIY stencil out of cardboard. We provide structure and experience for your team to work creatively amongst colleagues on something new and unfamiliar.

Creative corporate workshops allow the opportunity for employees to express themselves and better understand their peers outside of their normal interactions.

Give your department the ultimate team building art project by creating a large mural together as a team or small custom canvases individually.

Our team at Kali Grey Art Consulting creates a custom design for your company after reviewing a creative questionnaire and discussing your company’s primary and secondary goals for the workshop. Next, we work through custom sketches to reach an approved design employees will be working on. Then, our team prepares and protects the venue of the client’s choice which can be indoor or outdoors. Our team outlines the design onto a large canvas in black and white, and then guests color in the design with spray paint, DIY stencils, paint markers and acrylic paint and brush.

We will provide protective gear for participants and the venue space. Our artists can help clean up the outlines of the design at the end of the workshop in order to capture team photos with their beautiful and colorful mural creations. Photos can be utilized to print on t-shirts or posters as a memento for participants. Each workshop will have a main artist that is the MC, host and teacher that is accompanied with assistant artists depending upon the size of the group.

We provide and manage team building painting activities for businesses, large or small. Each workshop is designed specifically to the size, location and goals of your group. Due to high customization, workshops are often best suited for corporate teams or businesses, but we also love when we have the opportunity to work on community-focused workshop projects or working with young adults and children.

Find your next team building painting event with the goal of strengthening relationships, building teamwork and improving communication.

Typically our workshop sizes have ranged anywhere from 15 – 250 people and have occurred in major cities across the country. We offer arts and crafts workshops that can be customized specifically for your team building needs. We have some event space partners available across the United States, but we typically recommend that our client’s find the appropriate venue to accommodate their group for their inspirational off-site day. Of course, we can manage event space details for additional costs if you prefer.

Reach out today to get started on custom workshop services and pricing to achieve your company goals.

Our team building painting class is designed for both those who are looking for an artistic break from their typical work day or those who are looking for a new way to connect with their colleagues.

Paint a pre-designed mural or design your own to find out how much your team can accomplish together! Our mural team building exercises are just one of the many interactive and artistic services we offer. Please also inquire about our live event paintings as an entertainment element, our giveaway walls with customized products, or our customization booths with live screen printing and painting on clothes and other merchandise. Whether it’s a mural project, custom curated art collection, or an artist workshop team building activity, we have you covered – just contact us for more information on our unique services.