Art Production

Our art production team obsesses over every critical detail to procure and install your artwork so you don’t have to.

Our team of art producers oversees the technical and event production side of an arts program. We are the direct line of contact between the artist and art space, conveying technical requirements, space considerations, marketing aspects, and troubleshooting scenarios leading up to the day of installation or event.

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We orchestrate all communication and logistics for a smooth and seamless art installation.

We work closely with our clients to develop unique solutions for art productions, which includes sourcing materials and material suppliers as well as executing processes such as sculpture development, custom fabrication, and print-making. We research and discover the best cost-effective options for canvases, framing and mating, and installation hardware. We have established long-standing relationships with specialized manufacturers, sound and light vendors, and paint and spray paint suppliers. We rely on our strong partnerships and connections with others in the creative industry to help us achieve a well-executed art project from start to finish.

As creative producers we excel in exceptional communication and organizational skills with high attention to detail.

We achieve success by working with our clients every step of the way – from concept design to final product.

  1. Establish logistical needs. We tailor our production according to your project’s specific needs.
  2. Research and source the best options with cost in mind. It is our job to consistently get the best value on the right equipment and avoid costly mistakes.
  3. Set production timeline. Our thorough and calculated production process helps us ensure we meet deadlines and keep our clients coming back for more!
  4. Anticipate any potential challenges and solutions. Our strength is in the knowledge and experience to proactively anticipate every step of the process and potential challenges that could occur.
  5. See project to fruition. We orchestrate ideas into reality while capturing and sharing progress of the entire process for client approval.

We know how hard it can be to get your ideas out of your head and into reality. That's why we specialize in helping you execute your vision, by doing all the work for you.

With our experience and expertise, we guarantee high quality artwork, reliable artists, professional communication and complete creative satisfaction. We procure artwork as small as one piece for a single room up to a large-scale custom installation for an entire building.

We know that no two projects are alike, which is why we offer a wide range of services so that you can get what you need done—exactly how you want it done. We offer art production capabilities for all of our services including original artworks, murals, interior art, events and workshops.

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