Who We Are


Kali Grey bridges the gap between clients and artists to achieve goals and produce high quality art.

Through experience, industry research, art fairs, and national talent scouting, Kali Grey stays connected to relevant and influential artists that are reliable, experienced and professional – working in various styles and mediums.

As an agency, we pride ourselves on being proactive, agile, efficient and original. We are passionate about advancing artists from underrepresented communities to create art that offers a more impactful, well-rounded story of the human experience.


Founder Kali Huebner spent the last ten years building on her industry experience from coast to coast. Starting as a manager and curator for a contemporary art gallery in Portland, OR, Kali moved on to strategize social media and PR campaigns for multiple brands at a busy advertising agency. Then while working at a New York mural agency, Kali played a strong role in driving the company’s sales and developing new business opportunities.


Now, she has followed her entrepreneurial dream of creating a national art agency with a social directive.



Kali Grey launched in the first half of 2020, soon after Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter protests began across the country and businesses in downtown Portland, OR boarded up their windows and doors. Driven by her commitment to the art community and her desire to affect positive social change, Kali developed a large-scale community mural initiative from the ground up.

In collaboration with bars, restaurants, salons and shops whose storefronts acted as canvases, Kali’s project featured 23 artists and 30 original murals, all inspired by the impact from Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Artists from diverse backgrounds used their voices to represent a powerful moment in history and add color back into the streets of our community. In order to fund the project, Kali worked to obtain non-profit grants and private donations.

Now, Kali maintains that same energy through her own agency’s work orchestrating relevant creative collaborations.