Interior Design Art Packages

Interior designers looking for art – look no further!

Interior art packages include custom and curated art collections selected by an art director to fit the specific aesthetic and design narrative of the space they will live in. We consider several details when pulling together a custom art package which is created uniquely for each client. Consideration to budget, space, location, interior design, style and desired goals is reflected throughout our work.

Art and interior design go hand-in-hand, so let us be your second hand.

We connect interior designers looking for art by coordinating and aligning on style, design narrative and medium to find the perfect artists and works for each individual project and client. When it comes to creating living, working and learning spaces, nothing is more important than the careful selection of artwork and how it can reflect our client’s personalities, lifestyles, dreams and desires. Selected works of art should complement selected furnishings, lighting and wall coverings in order to be most successful.

We offer a full-service art design package for interior designers working across business verticals within hospitality, healthcare, multi-family and apartment complexes, architects and individual residencies. When considering hospitality that includes any business sector in food and beverages, lodging, recreation, travel and tourism, meetings and events. This includes interior design artwork for hotel lobbies, public guest spaces, hotel guestrooms, pools, casinos, elevator lobbies, and employee lounges.

We procure art collections across various industries in hospitality, business, and home with streamlined services in framing, hardware and installation.

Additionally, we provide tailored packages for office spaces, meeting rooms, small businesses, or retail spaces. Artwork series can be procured for your family’s home kitchen, living room, kitchen, dining room, family room, playroom, kid’s rooms and bathroom.

Interior art packages can include various substrates and mediums such as small or large artworks on canvas, fine art paper, acrylic, dibond brushed aluminum, chromaluxe, fuji flex, photo lustre, wood print, linen, window vinyl, fabric, mirror, glass, plexiglass, and interior and exterior wall facades.

Working with local artists for hire and various fabrication partners, we are able to drive an unlimited number of fresh ideas for artwork into a reality.

Whether your style is abstract, contemporary, modernism, art deco, art nouveau, romanticism, expressionism, surrealism, realism, pop art, renaissance, rococo, kinetic art or bauhaus, we have you covered. Send us a message about your interior art collection needs today – on our contact page.

Hand embellishments can be added to interior art packages for additional depth and detail such as metallic embellishments, embroidery, screen printing, raised ink print, gold leaf, gel embellishments, with finishes and sealants in matte, flat, satin or gloss.

Final design details to interior design art work includes discussions around color palette, saturation, hue, tint, shade, tone, intensity, value, saturation, contrast, pantone, monochrome, gradient, opaque, translucent, transparent, cyanotype, sepia tone and more.

Interior wall decorations can include a large variety of framing and hardware options which can make a huge difference when displaying and admiring artwork. Our team uses their expertise to recommend what will work, what will look good and what is within budget and timeline. Framing and matting options include stretched canvas, floater frame, straight fit, matted with gloss, double mat, deckled edge, floating on pedestal, weighted matting, curated gallery wall, diptych, triptych, panel box, recess strainer bars, stem frame, shadow box, light box, cable installation, shims, security hardware, millwork as framing and unorthodox mixed media framing. Framing is a great way to accentuate prints or smaller art pieces and we are happy to make that process less overwhelming for our clientele.