Live Event Artwork

Hire artists for live painting to bring interactive entertainment and ambiance to your next event.

We offer custom artwork for events including site-specific art installations and live event painting. Live event painting is a form of entertainment where an artist paints a custom design in front of an audience. It’s a great way to get people interacting and have fun while watching something beautiful being created. Live event painting can be utilized for businesses, brands, events, conferences, campaigns, parties and more.

We offer custom live painting for businesses, brands, conferences and events with the best local artist for hire.

We produce memorable events with a splash of color and creative inspiration. We transform walls and canvases into interactive artworks, bringing an immersive experience to your visitors. A live painter offers something unique and memorable that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. We work with professional painters near you who are eager to help make your special occasion memorable. We have artists who specialize in different styles of art such as abstract, landscape, portraits, graffiti, geometric, surrealism, realism and more. If you are wondering what style would be best for your event then check out our Pinterest page here for visual references, or we would be happy to make suggestions after reviewing a creative questionnaire together.

When working with local live event artists, we have a process and timeline to provide structure and keep all parties involved on track.

First, we establish goals and event details. Then, we work together with the client to create a concept for the live event artwork design. Next, we create a mood board and creative brief. Once that is approved we proceed with custom sketches. This process typically includes 2-3 rounds of sketches which allows the client to provide feedback and edits they would like to see reflected into the design.

Simultaneously, while working through the creative process we are addressing and reviewing event logistics – including event dates, times, set-up, tear down, parking, passes, permits, materials and supplies. All logistical information is entered into a Call Sheet which is given to all parties. Once there is a final approved design we work to prepare for installation. Lastly, we offer documentation services including photography and videography. This can include behind-the-scenes footage of the artist’s process and preparation for the live event painting. It can also include live coverage of the event. Once the event is complete, we can transport artwork for the client to keep or remove artwork and repurpose materials for future projects. What to do with live event artwork after the event is up to you!

Some of the different live event services we offer are custom branded murals, live painting in front of an audience, and photo booth backdrop murals. We offer live customization to merchandise like clothing, notebooks and shoes with screen printing, spray paint, acrylic paint, paint markers, stencils, vinyl and embroidery. Similarly, for larger projects and budgets we create giveaway walls and sound and light activated murals.

Stop wondering where to find a live event painter near you and call us today!

Painting a mural live as entertainment for your guests is the most common live event service we offer. Artwork can be painted onto a large freestanding wall or a smaller stretched canvas with a metal standing frame. We typically recommend the smallest size to be a 5’h x10’w canvas. Any smaller than that and it becomes more difficult to add detail for viewers to see from afar. Plus, the smaller the canvas the more difficult it is to use a fun medium like spray paint. Larger freestanding walls come in panels of 8’h x 4’w wood that can be stacked next to each other for as long and wide as you want. One of the larger freestanding walls we created for a live event painting was a 8’h x 24’w mural. Depending upon the design and the client’s preference, the design can be created from start-to-finish in front of an audience, but that typically means it will be a less-detailed design. Otherwise, our artists can do preparation work to the canvas prior to the event, leaving high level details as the most entertaining part for the live event in front of an audience.

Photo booth backdrop murals and live event art installations are a great way to allow guests to take selfies and group images for a chance to always remember your special event. Plus, they can share it with friends and family easily across their social media channels. Consider adding branding of the event’s name to your live event design. There’s always the opportunity to add a QR code to the mural with more information for viewers, or to make it a multi-tier campaign by utilizing influencers, adding animation or VR elements, or turning it into a social media campaign.

Street art events, conferences, music festivals, marathons, brand activations, corporate holiday parties are all just a few of the great opportunities to promote your product or service in a creative and unconventional way. Help us give back to the community by supporting our events as we paint for you and turn canvasses into masterpieces for all to enjoy!

Our giveaway walls have merchandise fixed to a freestanding wall and then an artist paints a mural design across the entire wall (including merchandise) with unique markings across each item. Typically abstract designs work best for this live event painting service.

Lastly, we are capable of creating light and sound activated murals with a few of our digital partners. These advanced murals highlight different elements of a design based upon the color of light shining on the mural. Those flashing colors are typically RGYB (red, green, yellow and blue) and lights can be synced to music playing in the background. This is a great activation for music festivals or long-term art installations for the public.

We combine two of our passions – art and entertainment – to create live action painting events that will leave a lasting impression on your attendees. We are also available for private events or demonstrations in case you’re interested in trying it out. Overall, if you’re looking for something interactive and creative for your next live event, learn more about our selection of live paint shows by contacting us today.