Art Curation

We curate the best artists and concepts based on your needs and a deep understanding of the art market.

As curators of the arts, we flourish at the ability to perfectly align creative works and artists with a final destination and collection. Here at Kali Grey Art Consulting, we curate the ways in which artworks can be interpreted by their audiences in the most impactful manner.

The art of curation considers the client’s project in immense detail to present the best artists for the job. We are creative storytellers expressing how art should be displayed and seen – taking bold and charismatic risks to embrace the unusual and unexpected.

With a large artist roster and over a decade of experience within the art industry, we hand pick and negotiate art deals with artists that may be hard to reach.

As established curators, we pull from years of experience and our aesthetic value to compile a unique artist roster for each project. 

1. Rely on deep industry research and understandings. We evaluate current trends within contemporary culture, the art market, interior design, events or whatever vertical we are working within.

2. Consider medium and substrate. We determine what type of artists lend best to the project.

3. Align all works with the creative theme. We assure all works fit the overarching narrative for the project.

4. Ensure authenticity between artist, client and project. We evaluate whether artist location, background, demographic and reputation aligns with the creative story we are here to tell.

5. Create a cohesive collection. We assure that multiple artworks and artists will compliment each other to build an engaging space.

6. Select final artworks and artists. We discuss and review works through several rounds of revisions until we have achieved complete client satisfaction.


Curating art is probably the most exciting and glamorized side to our business and we are thrilled to put immense time and consideration into every unique art package we create.

We curate unique artists for all of our services including original artworks, murals, interior collections, events and art workshops.


Have any doubt about our art curation – check out our glowing reviews from previous clients!

If you are unsure what artist to work with, what style you are most interested in or what medium you prefer, trust us to help guide that process. Let us make the art buying process seamless and enjoyable for you and your company. Get a better taste of our company’s style and check out our Instagram page today.