Graffiti has been a part of urban culture for decades, and it has evolved into a highly respected form of art. One of the most impressive forms of graffiti is the mural, which can transform an ordinary wall into a beautiful, thought-provoking masterpiece. 

Graffiti murals can be found all over the world, from small alleys to large buildings, and they can be created using a wide variety of techniques and styles with an impact on the communities and neighborhoods where they are created. Graffiti murals can be a powerful tool for social and political activism, as well as a way to beautify and revitalize urban spaces that have been neglected or forgotten.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the art of graffiti murals, including the process of creating them and the factors that affect their pricing.

What is a Graffiti Mural?

A graffiti mural is a large-scale artwork created on an exterior or interior wall using spray paint, acrylics, or other types of paint. The mural can be created using a wide variety of techniques, including stenciling, freehand painting, and projection mapping.

The beauty of graffiti murals is that they can be created on any surface, from concrete walls to brick facades, and they can be designed to fit any space. Murals can be small, covering just a portion of a wall, or they can be huge, taking up an entire building.

Creating a Graffiti Mural

The process of creating a graffiti mural involves several steps, and it typically takes several days to complete. The first step is to design the mural. This involves working with the client to determine the overall style, color scheme, and message of the artwork.

Once the design has been finalized, the artist will begin preparing the wall. This typically involves cleaning the surface to remove any dirt or debris and applying a base coat of paint. This base coat helps to ensure that the final paint adheres properly to the surface.

After the wall has been prepared, the artist will begin painting the mural. Depending on the size of the mural, this can take several days or even weeks to complete. The artist will work carefully to ensure that the final artwork is free of mistakes and that the colors are vibrant and well-matched.

Lastly, if the wall is outdoors and susceptible to unwanted vandalism, a protective layer can be included to shield the mural from UV rays and weather damage, as well as paints and markers applied on top of the mural. This process allows for easy cleaning of the mural with a power-washer, leaving the original design intact.

Factors that Affect Graffiti Mural Pricing

The cost of a graffiti mural can vary widely depending on a number of factors. One of the biggest factors is the size of the mural. Larger murals require more time and materials to complete, which can drive up the overall cost. As well as coverage of the design – is the design covering 100% of the wall, or is negative space incorporated creatively into the design ultimately including less square footage.

Another factor that affects pricing is the complexity of the design. A more detailed and intricate design will require more time and skill to create, which can also increase the cost. For example, a photorealistic portrait painting versus a graphic abstract mural with limited colors.

Finally, the location and exposure of the mural can also impact pricing. Murals located in high-traffic areas, such as busy streets or public parks, may be more expensive due to the increased exposure and visibility, or challenges faced for execution and installation and materials required to do so.

Installation Process

Once the design has been approved, it’s time to install it on the wall. This typically involves using a ladder, lift or scaffold to carefully and safely paint the mural on the surface. The installation process is complicated and labor intensive, especially for larger murals or murals above eleven feet high. It’s important to work with a professional mural painter and facilitator who has experience in handling the production of large-scale artworks. Please turn to our team of professionals to help on your next mural endeavor. We curate the best artists for the job, manage the creative process, execute all logistical needs including paperwork, permitting and materials, and guarantee client satisfaction.