Public Mural Project – Zapapizza

Public Mural Project – Zapapizza

We were pleased to work with the owners of ​Zapapizza​ – a pizza restaurant located on W Burnside to help them install an outdoor public mural. The owners run several other bars, restaurants and entertainment venues located around Portland such as Dantes, X Exotic Lounge, Portland Meadows, Rialto Poolroom and more. Looking for extra protection for their real estate, with a desire to prevent break ins or unwanted graffiti tagging, they asked our team to create a beautiful public mural.

Our team recommended a local artist specializing in high detail hyper realistic paintings. With such prime real estate being right on Burnside, we wanted local pedestrians to be able to reconnect with nature even though many were stuck indoors due to quarantine. Our artist did a phenomenal job demonstrating the quality and artistry that can be achieved with the medium of spray paint. They created impressive photorealistic paintings of amphibians such as a frog, snail, grasshopper and salamander.

Many neighbors and commuters took the time to stop and express their gratitude for the new public mural in the center of downtown. Locals quickly began to share and connect around their knowledge of Oregon’s fauna and flora. What a great way to celebrate our state’s wonderful access to nature and state parks! The owners were thrilled to have such a well-crafted public mural for their commercial space while they decide what is next for them.
This was part of the ​Together We Grow PDX Community Art Project​, a public mural art project revolving around COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter in Portland, Oregon.


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