Outdoor Street Art – Valentine’s & District Bar

Outdoor Street Art – Valentine’s & District Bar

Our agency was pleased to curate an outdoor street art for the good folks at Portland bars – ​Valentine’s​ and ​District Bar​. Consequently, both bars are found next door to each other in Ankeny Alley of ​the Old Town​ neighborhood.

First, the owners wanted to find a good way to add beauty to the exterior of their building. Therefore, we paired them with a local graffiti artist known for photorealistic spray painted animals found in nature. Additionally, this artist utilizes abstract shapes and patterns common in graffiti art.

Above all, Districts ambiance lent nicely to a street art style with a gray and black palette and a glorified pigeon. However, as for Valentines we took a softer, funky and modern approach. For example, the artist painted a bunny rabbit surrounded by a garden of funky botanicals in vibrant hues.

To summarize, although the two paintings contrasted in color and emotion, they aligned in style. However, the juxtaposition of the artwork feels dynamic and interesting to the eye. Therefore, both bar owners love the outdoor street art they now have. Similarly, they have pride in such an aesthetically pleasing environment to provide to their loyal customers.

In conclusion, this outdoor street art was part of the ​Together We Grow PDX Community Art Project​ located across downtown Portland, Oregon.