Outdoor Graffiti Wall – Tube & Maxwell Bar

Outdoor Graffiti Wall – Tube & Maxwell Bar

The owners of Tube & Maxwell Bars located in the Old Town neighborhood of Portland, OR expressed interest in utilizing their space for an outdoor graffiti wall during their temporary closings.

Tube & Maxwell wanted a creative piece that would be inclusive to all groups of the community with the opportunity to still connect with their customers while their doors are closed. What better way to say it then with a public art piece for all to see!

During the planning phase, we considered each bar’s aesthetic to align them with the best local artist for the job. We created an outdoor graffiti wall design that combined the bar’s modern and edgy style with an organic and photo realistic representation of the Pacific Northwest. The mural included an Oregon blue bird and the iconic cherry trees seen around Old Town waterfront – with a message to the community saying, “We Got This”. The artwork’s contrast between realism and abstract graffiti style painting made for a wonderful juxtaposition.

This outdoor mural brought a smile to all passing by, and in such a time of need. The community expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful art added to their city. The Tube & Maxwell owners said we “turned lemons into lemonade” for this outdoor graffiti wall artwork created for the community and the bar’s loyal customers!

This outdoor graffiti wall was part of the Together We Grow PDX Community Art Project.



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