Hand Painted Mural – Tryst Bar Portland

Hand Painted Mural – Tryst Bar Portland

Tryst bar located in ​Old Town​ Ankeny Alley reached out with interest in having a local artist create a hand painted mural for the front of their restaurant. This bar is located in the same area as many other murals for the ​Together We Grow Community Art Project​. With many murals walking distance from one another, the project turned into a pop-up art walk.

We collaborated with a local artist that combined abstract shapes and patterns within the hair of a graphic portraiture of two women. The artist did a great job at utilizing the long skinny canvas to her advantage to make an interesting and dynamic entryway to the bar. The hand painted mural really gives a thoughtful touch while the bar remains closed for the pandemic.

This hand painted mural was part of the ​Together We Grow Community Art Project​. This projects consisted of 31 murals with 23 artists. Our agency partnered with 18 different businesses and helped add beauty and inspiration to the streets of Portland.

Overall, artists were passionate about contributing their talent, and businesses were enthusiastic about utilizing their space for public-facing art. Our takeaway, is in times of crisis, we turn to art! We hope this mural, and others can bring joy to those walking by.

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