Social Art Pieces – Shanghai Tunnel Bar Black Lives Matter Mural

Social Art Pieces – Shanghai Tunnel Bar Black Lives Matter Mural

Amidst the 2020 pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement which sparked protests across Portland, the Shanghai Tunnel Bar reached out to us with interest in creating social art pieces for the exterior of their bar. They were interested in providing a platform for local BIPOC artists (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) with the desire to utilize the space for whatever message they wanted to spread. Artwork was created to connect to the Black community and the fight against racial injustice.

We recommended two local BIPOC artists to create social art pieces for the Shanghai Bar. One artist created this 90’s influenced, pop-culture reference to female black beauty and what it means to proudly wear a natural afro. This was painted in a graphic style with color blocking hues of vibrant neon colors. Within the hair you can find words associated with female black empowerment and positivity. These expressive words are very personal to the artist, as is their own hair. The piece resonated with many other members of the local community. 

We were happy to find wall space for artwork that celebrates black beauty. Representation matters and we want to continue to support women of color within the art world to have their art presented to the public, across galleries and museums and within homes. Many black women came and posed alongside the mural to take images while the artist was finishing up their final touches.

This social art piece was created for the Black Lives Matter Movement and protests occuring in Portland as part of the ​Together We Grow Community Art Project​.


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