Art Consultant for Local Bar – Shanghai Tunnel Bar

Art Consultant for Local Bar – Shanghai Tunnel Bar

Amidst the 2020 pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement the ​Shanghai Tunnel Bar​ reached out to us as Portland’s best art consultant to create social art pieces for the exterior of the Shanghai bar.

To begin, the owner expressed interest in providing a platform for local BIPOC artists to utilize the space. Next, she said each artist had the creative freedom to connect to the community and express their fight against racial injustice as they please.

Therefore, as the art consultant we recommended two local BIPOC artists to create social art pieces for the Shanghai Bar. One artist created an African textile pattern with the color palette of the bar. This piece was titled the “Stairwell to Orisha”. It’s geometric shapes and vibrant colors capture the warm sentiment of African culture.

Next, on the other side of the building our artist created a 90’s pop-culture reference to female black beauty. For example, the image represents what it means to proudly wear a natural afro. The artwork includes a graphic style with color-blocking hues of neon.

To sum up, as the art consultant we assure each art piece is in support of the BIPOC community. Additionally, each mural supports a local artist through a grant donation, empowers the community, and celebrates black culture and lives.

Kali Grey art consultant created this mural for the Black Lives Matter Movement as part of the ​Together We Grow Community Art Project​.