Mural Art Walk – Rialto Poolroom Geometric Graffiti Art

Mural Art Walk – Rialto Poolroom Geometric Graffiti Art

As part of our mural art walk located around downtown Portland, we collaborated with the team at the long standing pool hall Rialto Poolroom downtown. With their space wrapping around two city blocks, we had a lot of square footage to cover so we brought on six different artists to transform the restaurant’s outdoor ambiance.

With a long history like Rialto Poolroom, they have managed to acquire an eclectic group of loyal customers. To match the diversity in their customers, we curated a group of unique and diverse individuals to represent the different voices, cultures, and identities found in the area.

This artist created a graffiti style design of their street art name Calm. They utilized their distinct style seen all across Portland’s city limits including a color palette of blue, green, purple and yellow. The artist incorporates geometric shapes and layering of planes and space to create an abstract take on typical lettering and typography. Their style is unique and playful and visually appealing for those interested in deciphering what word the design spells out.

This mural was placed alongside five other mural designs to create an outdoor mural art walk for pedestrians commuting to work or shopping in the area. While all artists range greatly in style and content, the six unique murals compliment each other well through color usage and layout.

This mural art walk was part of the ​Together We Grow PDX Community Art Project located across downtown Portland, Oregon.


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