Outdoor Wheat Paste Install – Portland Grocery & Deli

Outdoor Wheat Paste Install – Portland Grocery & Deli

We were pleased to work with the owners at the McCormick Pier Grocery & Deli​ in ​Old Town​ to create a custom outdoor wheat paste install with posters for their windows facing the street. The client wanted to let customers know they are open during the pandemic in a fun and inviting way. Especially since they see such heavy car and foot traffic from their location. They also wanted to follow suite with other small businesses in the area. Many businesses also made the decision to beautify the exterior of their business while supporting a local artist.

We connected with a local graphic artist known for their fun and playful characters and illustrations. With many families living in the area, we wanted something that would appeal to small children as well.

This artist ended up creating a wallpaper collage design with the phrase “Stay Weird Stay Wonderful” and various personified characters of the Oregon state, Mt. Hood, and a skating rainbow. She overlaid some of her custom stickers to add texture and dimension to the outdoor wheat paste install.

The wheat paste poster install really transformed the appearance of the grocery store from the street. The installation was part of the ​Together We Grow Community Art Project including 30 murals and the work of 23 different artists.

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