Mural Art Walk – Rialto Poolroom Tropical Graffiti Tag

Mural Art Walk – Rialto Poolroom Tropical Graffiti Tag

In collaboration with Portland’s Rialto Poolroom we directed and curated six artists to create an outdoor mural art walk. The building owners were looking for a new opportunity to bring life and color to the area and thought what better way than to add custom artwork to the exterior of their building.

The pool hall spans two full city blocks with plenty of large windows that would make for a perfect canvas to decorate with local flair. Working with the city we received a grant to support artist time and materials to execute an outdoor mural art walk at this location.

This graffiti artist has work across town and often works with a team of other graffiti and street artists. They contributed this tropical and colorful rendition of their graffiti street name Flash in big and bold spray painted lettering. They added patterns and textures of animal print, abstract bubbles, blue and purple gradients and a tropical sunrise.

The owners at Rialto Poolroom were thrilled with the new flare on the outside of their building. Not to mention, it prevented other unwanted taggers from leaving their mark on their businesses facade.

This mural art walk was part of the ​Together We Grow PDX Community Art Project located across downtown Portland, Oregon.


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