Mural Art Walk – Rialto Poolroom Nature Wall Mural

Mural Art Walk – Rialto Poolroom Nature Wall Mural

Working with Rialto Poolroom located in downtown Portland, Oregon we produced an art mural collaboration with six different artists for the exterior of their buildings facade. The owners were interested in working with local artists with diverse backgrounds and artistic styles.

We curated this local artist known for their spiritual and calming murals of nature. For this particular location, they sketched a design of Mt.Hood with crystals and lotus flowers in the foreground. In the background, they spray painted a galaxy of jewel colored stars and constellations framed within overlapping shapes of triangles and rhombuses. The owners were thrilled with their sketches and approved installation right away.

We were thrilled to work with such a talented group of artists and a flexible client. The client was most interested in allowing artists to create their own visions without contributing much feedback for edits or alterations. Many locals walking by equally expressed their gratitude for seeing such beautiful new public artwork in the area.

This mural art walk was part of the ​Together We Grow PDX Community Art Project located across downtown Portland, Oregon.


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