Mural Art Walk – Rialto Poolroom Mosaic Flora and Fauna Mural

Mural Art Walk – Rialto Poolroom Mosaic Flora and Fauna Mural

Portland’s Rialto Poolroom asked us to offer our art consulting services to help them facilitate an outdoor mural installation for the outside of their building. The owners run and operate a variety of entertainment businesses across Portland and they wanted to update the outside of their buildings with artwork created by local artists.

The client was very flexible with their art direction but they wanted to make sure they were working with a diverse group of artists coming from different backgrounds and levels of experience. We turned to our artist roster to handpick artists we felt would be best for the job.

We reached out to a local artist and art teacher that often works with kids and young adults to create something that would speak to younger generations and adults alike. This artist utilized primary colors in acrylic paints to construct a mosaic painting of the lifespan of a butterfly. The butterfly is growing and changing from a caterpillar to a cocoon and finally a beautiful monarch. Additionally, they incorporated elements of the circle of life with a bird eating a caterpillar and flying away. The artwork is family-friendly and can be utilized as a great tool for parents to discuss nature’s life cycles in a fun and interesting way.

The owners of Rialto Poolroom were thrilled to add this kid-friendly mural to their outdoor art collection. The mural was part of the ​Together We Grow PDX Community Art Project located across downtown Portland, Oregon.


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