Public Art Mural – Little Taco & Tequila

Public Art Mural – Little Taco & Tequila

We collaborated with the team at Little Taco & Tequila in ​Old Town​ in order to create a public art mural for their small restaurant and bar. With many other entertainment venues and bars in the area closed, Little Taco & Tequila decided to limit their hours for several months. The owners wanted to board up the exterior of the building in order to protect their space during closures. Instead of making the space dingy with blank plywood, they decided to represent their company with a public art mural. That is where our team came in!

We recommended a local artist active within the Portland creative  and design scene. They created a mural in reference to Black Boy Joy. Black Boy Joy represents the supportive father figure within the black community that provides love and support for their family. And they work their hardest to do so!

The artist chose a simple, vibrant and feminine pallet to create warm and caring feelings. They included symbols of light and equality throughout the design.

To support social injustice and the Black Lives Matter movement, we partnered with this artist for their heavy influence in the local progressive scene. We are grateful to help provide a platform for local BIPOC artists to express their thoughts around social justice. Important social projects like this is an interest of ours!

This outdoor art mural was created as part of the ​Together We Grow Community Art Project​.

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