Mural Painting Workshop – James Salon x GWCF

Mural Painting Workshop – James Salon x GWCF

Working closely with James Salon and Global Works Community Fund we hosted a mural painting workshop with BIPOC teenagers to create public-facing murals around All Black Lives Matter, abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and demanding justice for all migrant workers.

To begin, Global Works Community Fund (GWCF) is a non-profit organization located in Portland, Oregon. This year things had to be different for the organization. For example, usually their services provide opportunity and funding for diverse groups of high school students to travel abroad. While abroad, students partake in community work within a different culture. However, with the pandemic Global Works was looking for new outlets and opportunities for their teenagers to explore social work. They wanted to empower their students to find their own voice. The organizers suggested creating a community mural with a local artist!

It was our honor to work with Global Works for a great cause! We worked on gathering insight and creative ideas from the group of teenagers. A local activist artist created four unique murals from the teenagers ideas. James Salon willingly lent us their large space in the Pearl to support the project. They planned to keep the artwork up for several months.

In order to execute thoughtful, proactive and meaningful messages through art, we spent two full days hosting a mural painting workshop with a large team of staff, artists and BIPOC teenagers. During install, the group shared personal stories and thoughts around our country’s current state and the injustices they want to change. It was a truly inspiring experience to be so highly motivated by the voices and spirit of our future generations!

This mural painting workshop was part of the Together We Grow Community Art Project providing social artwork to the public spaces of Portland, Oregon.


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