Interior Art Collection for Mid-Century Modern Home

Interior Art Collection for Mid-Century Modern Home

We curated and procured the interior wall decorations for this beautiful mid-century modern home located in SE Portland. The home is a fixer-upper and the owners are interested in refurbishing the bones with modern updates. They wanted to maintain the integrity of the original design era of 1953 through the furniture, fixtures and equipment while incorporating contemporary and modern artwork for finishing touches. In order to help the owner’s bridge the gap between the home’s origin in the 50’s and modern-day influence we curated an array of abstract paintings, typographic prints, geometric woodwork, neon artwork, pop culture references and hand-crafted sculptures.

The owners of this ranch-style abode painted all of their walls white with the intention of covering as much of the house with art as possible. Usage of bright and bold colors contrast the white walls and accentuate the character the home already possesses. Our team at Kali Grey Art Consulting suggested custom art with large canvases, quirky knick-knacks, ceramic sculptures and metal masks to create a memorable and inspiring interior decor. With no proper entranceway, we transformed a large planter by the front door into a custom designed functional bench – which turned out to be one of our favorite pieces. The bench includes additional storage for the families hats, gloves, scarves and other accessories and was fabricated by a local wood craftsman that reused 75 recycled skateboards into a beautiful geometric bench-top.

Our services in home art interiors and fine art collections offer highly curated art packages for each unique family and their unique lifestyle and interests. A home’s artwork should speak to the intention and voice each room has taken on. It should underline the ambiance and compliment the furnishings, colors, patterns and other artworks surrounding it. Adding artwork to the memories of a home and the family that resides in it is one of our greatest joys.

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