Custom Art Painting – IGWT Clothing Store

Custom Art Painting – IGWT Clothing Store

As a long time customer of ​IGWT​, we were able to collaborate with them for a custom art painting on the exterior of their building during the closings from the pandemic and protests in Portland, OR.

Unfortunately, the building experienced some vandalism and wanted to act quickly with repairs. They installed plywood and reached out to our team for a custom art painting.

We had wanted to collaborate with a local artist focusing their artwork on dismantling perceptions around blackness. This art piece dives into the word and meanings associated with “black”. Society often depicts the color black as dark, aggressive, rebellious, or evil. However, the word “white” represents purity, cleanliness, safety, or innocence. This artist paints the word black in vibrant and bright colors that reflect her associations to the word and her identity as a black woman.

Pleased to work with our team, the owner of IGWT expressed her gratitude. The beautiful design and message outside their store was something they were proud to offer the city. Similarly, other small businesses in Portland, Oregon also collaborated on this concept.

There was a great connection between owner and artist for this business custom art painting created as part of the ​Together We Grow Community Art Project.

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