Live Event Mural – Old Town Street Fair

Live Event Mural – Old Town Street Fair

Old Town Association reached out to us to help align them with an artist for a live event mural during one of their weekly summer street fairs. Each fair is to support local small businesses that are suffering in the area.

First, we received access and permission from Old Town to paint on the famous and abandoned House of Louie building. Then, we aligned with other artists that were painting as well. This new artwork helps clean up the area and prepare the building for sale.

The wall is located directly across from the streetwear retail space, Produce Portland. Therefore, we wanted an artist that could draw from the company’s roots and incorporate their influence into the design.

Our artist created a photorealistic painting of a modern day rooster caricature. The rooster is wearing a pair of Jordan 1’s. The mural includes the words, “Rise & Grind” and is successful in drawing crowds to the street fair and market located in Old Town.

Local retailers, the Old Town Association, and the Portland community all appreciate the live event mural.

This live event mural was created in partnership with the Together We Grow Community Art Project with the opportunity for guests to watch and take photos and videos of the artist while painting.


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