Photorealistic Portrait Painting – Exotic Lounge

Photorealistic Portrait Painting – Exotic Lounge

The owners of ​Exotic Lounge​ asked us to create something special for the outside of their business to encapsulate female beauty. The owners placed large plywood boards on each side of the entryway where their bouncer sits to check in new guests which needed love and care. We were thrilled to give an update to their outdoor space with a photorealistic portrait painting of a woman’s face.

The Extoic Lounge provided complete creative freedom for a local artist to utilize their space for a piece in the artist’s own style. We paired them with a local artist specializing in hyperrealism on a large scale. This was a great opportunity for the business to connect to their patrons and brighten up the street!

The artist created a portraiture painting of a black woman with beautiful natural hair living in a utopic future. Her smile is bright and contagious and her glow is an irresistible delight. The artist’s portraiture style includes high contrast in light and depth between gradients of warm reds and oranges to cool toned blues and purples. This helped add texture and dimension to the photorealistic portrait painting – making for a fantastic public art piece!

This photorealistic portrait painting was part of the ​Together We Grow PDX Community Art Project​ located near several other murals in Ankeny Alley of Old Town.


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