Dan & Luis Oyster Bar – Typographic Street Art Collaboration

Dan & Luis Oyster Bar – Typographic Street Art Collaboration

For this project we worked with the owners at Dan & Louis Oyster Bar to create a street art takeover at their restaurant located in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon. Like most restaurants in the downtown area, they closed for covid protocols and boarded up their doors and windows for safety. Regardless of their bleak exterior, the owners wanted to offer something for their customers to hold onto – that being hope. We worked with their team and three local street artists to create impactful and memorable artwork during such a troubling time.

This mural was created by an artist that specializes in sticker designs and wood cutouts. The artist came up with the slogan “Together We Will Grow” which later turned into the mural campaign for all the murals our company installed downtown during 2020 closings. We called it the Together We Grow Portland Mural Project. 

The artist’s design includes a whimsical garden of beautiful local and imaginative flora, fauna and magical mushrooms. They created this piece in black and white with paint and brush and invited family and friends to help them install their very first mural for Portland’s neighboring community. 

The installation took about a week and the artist was able to meet and chat with many locals about this strange and unprecedented time in our history. This was a moment nobody would forget and the artist was thrilled to be contributing their time and artistic visions to support the business. Likewise, the owner of Dan & Louis Oyster Bar was grateful for the artists that turned their restaurant into a temporary outdoor art gallery.

This street art collaboration was part of the Together We Grow PDX Community Art Project.

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