Portland Street Art – Outdoor Murals for Oyster Bar

Portland Street Art – Outdoor Murals for Oyster Bar

Our team was excited to work with Dan & Louis Oyster Bar for a Portland street art collaboration taking place at their renowned restaurant located in the heart of Old Town on Ankeny Alley since 1907.

In 2020, many bars and restaurants in Portland have received a negative impact by closings for the coronavirus. As a result, the Oyster Bar expressed interest to donate their space for artists to document this difficult time in our history. Similarly, they wanted to provide any possible support and reassurance to the community.

We aligned the oyster bar with three different artists to cover their large outdoor patio space for an exciting street art collaboration. One mural consisted of 18 long and skinny windows – a space perfect for a well known illustrative artist in town. We recommended this artist for their iconic collage imagery and dreamy color palettes. Graffiti and tattoo culture influenced the artist’s style. We knew this would speak well to the landscape of this particular canvas. The images reflect feelings of luck, positive change, beauty and strength.

Subsequently, this mural artist collaboration involved two artists working in black and white for the window and entryway of the restaurant. One mural included a message to those passing by saying, “Together We Will Grow”. A whimsical garden of beautiful black and white flowers and mystical mushrooms lie next to the hand painted letters.

After that, our third mural for this Portland street art collaboration provided a reminder to the local community saying, “Don’t let it break you down”. This artist created an illustrative drawing of a building in distress, breaking at the seams and shattering its windows. This mural was created with paint and brush and includes high level detail.


Each artist spent roughly 3-4 days to complete their murals. The restaurant owner was thrilled with our work. They put us in touch with other small businesses in the area desiring a street art collaboration. This street art collaboration was part of the Together We Grow PDX Community Art Project.


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