Dan & Luis Oyster Bar – Illustrative Street Art Collaboration

Dan & Luis Oyster Bar – Illustrative Street Art Collaboration

We were excited to work with Dan & Louis Oyster Bar for a street art collaboration taking place at their renowned restaurant located in the heart of Old Town in Ankeny Alley since 1907.

The restaurant was impacted during closings for quarantine 2020, as were many bars and restaurants in the area. They expressed interest early in the pandemic to donate their space for artists to utilize during this difficult time in our history. They wanted to remind the community of how our country can come together and express sorrow and support to those that have lost friends and family members.

We aligned the oyster bar with 3 different artists for a street art collaboration to cover their large outdoor patio space. This mural was created by an illustrative artist that specializes in line drawings and sticker decals. They post their sticker artwork all over Portland on the back of signs and benches, in storefronts, on buses and many other public spaces.

The artist created an illustrative drawing of a building in distress breaking and bursting at the seams and shattering its windows. Alongside the sad building were the words, “Don’t let it break you down” as a reminder to local ma and pa shops as well as customers to stay strong during the difficult times of the covid pandemic. The mural was created with paint and brush and includes high level architectural linework.

This artist spent roughly 4 days to complete their mural. The restaurant owners were thrilled about the entire experience and put us in touch with other small businesses in the area desiring a street art collaboration.

This street art collaboration was part of the Together We Grow PDX Community Art Project.




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