Restaurant Art – Bijou Cafe Portland

Restaurant Art – Bijou Cafe Portland

We helped create this restaurant wall art for the kind folks at​ ​Bijou Cafe​ and their location in downtown Portland. The owner expressed interest in creating something relatable to the Portland community and the shared interests found in the region.

Our artist created a hand painted design featuring pixelated clouds, flowers and rain drops for soothing restaurant art. The artist celebrates the weather that brings such lush forests, ferns, moss and flowers to the Pacific NW area. After all, Portland is technically a deciduous rainforest!

This design is hand painted with professional exterior paint. It took one day to install. The owner is thrilled to work with a local artist, therefore, they gave complete creative freedom to the artist.

Panels will remain up until the business feels it is able to replace their windows and ensure they will be safe from any further vandalization. We were glad to help the small business in the meantime!

The artwork helped bring smiles to all passing by. The owner of Bijou Cafe likes the final artwork! This restaurant wall art was created as part of the ​Together We Grow Community Art Project along with 30 other murals spread across downtown Portland, Oregon.

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